After Sales Services

NOL's jewels are designed and produced to be eternal. The quality of the materials and the mastery of craftsmanship are the greatest guarantee of quality and durability. Since these creations are precious, these jewels deserve all your care and attention. Should it be required, NOL offers a portfolio of after sales services that will ensure the restoration of your jewel to its original beauty.



This deep cleaning service removes dust and impurities and superficial scratches from your jewel and brings back the original brightness. The piece of jewellery is cleaned, particularly its less accessible parts, by immersion in an ultrasonic tank filled with lukewarm soapy water. This service cannot be performed on pearls and too delicate gemstones.


If you wish to adapt it so as better match your requirements, our jewellers can work on your request.



Rebuilding and replacing any missing or damaged components, such as stones, clasps and clips. 


Engraving or Re-Engraving

Engraving a personalized message on any jewellery piece.



Primarily done on rings, necklaces and bracelets. This service consists of increasing or reducing the size of the item. It involves meticulous and delicate procedures. Some jewellery cannot be resized due to specific design features.


Reproduction and Pairing

The Reproduction and Pairing Service is recommended when it is technically impossible to adjust the size of a piece of jewellery or to repair it, or if one elements of a pair has been lost.