NOL Jewellers was found in 1995 by the Portuguese jewellery designers duo Luisa Bernardes and Nuno Pestana.

With their audacious creativity and the finest of Portuguese craftsmanship, they turn fantasies into reality through one-of-a-kind and Limited Edition jewellery pieces using only the highest quality gemstones, natural organic materials, gold, platinum and diamonds.

With exceptional finishing and attention to detail, when you see and touch NOL Jewellers' work you can feel the amount of love they put into every piece and experience emotion and connection immediately.

Each jewel signed by NOL Jewellers is a work of art, fully handmade, to satisfy the most exquisite clients.

After meeting Luisa and Nuno, the most amazing and refreshing feeling is that you’ll probably wonder where do all these audacious, flamboyant and masterfully made pieces of jewellery come from. How can such a kind, relaxed and down-to-earth couple produce this unparalleled universe? The answer is simple: they are artists and pure art comes straight from the heart and imagination. 

Because of their kindness and professionalism, they have established a very successful relationship with their most demanding clients. A relationship based on a profound sense of exclusivity.