After meeting Luisa and Nuno, the most amazing and refreshing feeling is that you’ll probably wonder where do all these audacious, flamboyant and masterfully made pieces of jewellery come from. How can such a kind, relaxed and down-to-earth couple produce this unparalleled universe? The answer is simple: they are artists and pure art comes straight from the heart and imagination. 

Because of their kindness and professionalism, they have established a very successful relationship with their most demanding clients. A relationship based on a profound sense of exclusivity. An exclusivity that is a complete experience in all stages of the brand. The pieces are one-of-a-kind or in very limited editions, but all unique. A combination of handmade with innovative technology and the most noble materials.

You will probably fall in love with the audacity of every detail in each piece, a result of a profound commitment to the mastery of a singular craftsmanship.