A brand that breathes audacity in every detail


Flor de jade

Our philosophy is based on 4 principles:

1. Exclusivity

Exclusivity is at the core of we are. You can feel it in our jewellery pieces, in the way we market ourselves, in the way we relate to our clients, in the dedication we give to every single detail of our business. We are unique and we strive for our very own place in the luxury landscape.

2. Mastery

Luxury is the consequence of what we do. It’s not only the noble materials, it is the craftsmanship we mastered over the years. Every detail, every technique, every bold combination you can feel in each of our jewellery piece is the result of a unique mastery of devotion to the art of making jewellery that breathes sophistication. 

3. Flamboyance

Imagination and creativity lead us to a flamboyant universe of jewellery creations. The vivid combination of noble materials, unexpected shapes and dazzling colours is the result of the contribution we are making to the world of beauty. Being a flamboyant brand is the reputation we will deserve.

4. Audacity

Pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and creation is one of our most identifiable traits. Our founders are a living proof of what it takes to push something forward despite all odds. There is no other way to be successful than pursuing your very own dreams: being audacious is an attitude that influences every decision regarding NOL.