About Us

The stories behind each creation motivate Luísa and Nuno, the founders of NOL Jewellers. Passionate about the craftsmanship hidden within each jewellery piece, NOL Jewellers sees every original design idea as an opportunity to explore new materials and innovate with different techniques, delivering unique artwork pieces

The story behind
the brand

The story of NOL Jewellers begins in 1990 when Luísa Bernardes and Nuno Pestana met each other. After attending the António Arroios Artistic School, both jewellers realised they shared the same vision of what jewellery creation should be: a process of crafting dreams and carving them into unique pieces with high conceptual relevance. “Jewellery creations with meaning” they say.

Together professionally but also in real life, Luísa and Nuno tied the knot, committing themselves to each other and to the evolution of NOL Jewellers Ever since, the designers have dedicated their lives to unearthing the most exquisite gemstones and organic materials, personally engaging with each of their clients through countless bespoke creations, but also designing and handcrafting their unique jewellery collections.

With a loyal following, the brand has created a trustworty reputation by involving each client in their bespoke jewellery creation process, but also creating jewellery pieces using only the highest quality materials. With the help of a committed team, the brand is now ready to take on the next step towards reaching new heights. While remaining faithful to its original premise: creating dream perpetuating jewellery.

The jewellery
crafting process

Seeking new approaches, NOL Jewellers combines their traditional background and expertise in gemology with different techniques and materials. Each jewellery piece reflects the founders’ willingness to take risks and blend precious metals and organic materials.

Simple materials go through a transformation process. While granting quality and durability, this process enables new unique designs. What before was just wood, for instance, becomes a precious-resembling material.