General Questions

How can I get in touch with NOL Jewellers?

If you wish to send us a question or request, you can contact our team using the contact form or the following email info@noljewellers.com

Where is NOL Jewellers' boutique?

How can I book an appointment with the jewellers?

To book an appointment with the jewellers, use the contact form or send an email to info@noljewellers.com.

How do I purchase a jewellery piece at noljewellers.com?

To make a reservation of a NOL Jewellers piece, get in touch with our team by clicking the button “Enquire the jewellers” available on every product page. After that, your request will be answered by a team member, who will assist you in order to conclude your purchase.

How do I know that my piece is authentic?

NOL Jewellers assures the authenticity of every creation purchased at the Lisbon boutique or through the website. Every new NOL Jewellers piece of jewellery comes with a warranty card issued by us.

Is it possible to start the bespoke process online?

Yes. NOL Jewellers can deliver bespoke pieces to clients who cannot visit the boutique. To do so, you should book an online appointment using the email info@noljewellers.com or our contact form.

You’ll be then contacted through Skype by a NOL Jewellers professional sales assistant.

Online Reservation and Services

Can I ask for personal assistance during the purchase process?

Yes, you can book an online appointment using the email info@noljewellers.com or the email info@noljewellers.com .
You’ll be then contacted by a NOL Jewellers professional sales assistant, who will answer your questions and provide support during your purchase.

Are online reservations charged?

No. There is no additional fee when making a reservation through the website.

What happens after making a reservation for a collection piece through the website?

After choosing your piece and getting in touch with the team, you can pick up your order directly at our Lisbon boutique or ask for it to be delivered to your door if you cannot visit the boutique.

How do I pay for a piece purchased through the website?

Online payments are not available. After the reservation of a collection piece or adjudication of a bespoke piece, you’ll be asked to pay through bank transference.

Do the pieces come with warranty?

Yes. NOL Jewellers offers 1-year warranty to all pieces. Warranty doesn’t apply to items which present visible signs of damage caused by the misuse of the owner.

Does NOL Jewellers offer post-sale services?

Yes. NOL Jewellers offers engraving, resizing, embelisment and setting services.

Shipping And Returns

Do you ship internationally?

Worldwide shipping is available with no additional costs or fees for the client. To require international shipping, you’ll be asked to send your shipping information and payment confirmation. The distributor will provide you with the order registration and tracking number.

Do I pay any fees for the international shipping service?

No. The shipping of NOL Jewellers pieces is free of charge.

Is there a shipping insure?

Yes. NOL Jewellers assures that all items are covered by a shipping insurance. This insurance doesn’t have any additional cost for the client.

Can I exchange or return a collection piece?

Collection items can be exchanged or returned within a 15 days period, in case the size of the piece is incorrect, or it present a defect. To do so, you’ll be asked to come to the boutique and bring a proof of purchase. In case you can’t visit the boutique, please get in touch with the NOL Jewellers team.

Can I exchange or return a bespoke piece?

A bespoke item is designed with the personal touch of the client. For that reason, these items can’t be exchanged or returned.

Is the exchange or return of a piece charged?

If the exchange or return request meets the requirements previously listed, no fee will be charged to the client. This doesn’t apply to items which present visible signs of damage caused by the misuse of the owner.