Privacy Police

It is extremely important for us to protect your personal data. Bellow, we explain you the reason for which specific data is requested as well as the use given to it.

1. Ownership of the NOL Jewellers brand and the domain

“NOL Jewellers” is the commercial name used by the company NOL Jewellers with its head office in Lisbon and will be used in this Privacy Statement to identify the company. The website is owned by NOL Jewellers.


2. Collected data

On the present landing page, the data is being collected through the available form. Data is not being collected in any other way since there are no cookies active on this page. All the data that is stored, was submitted by the user in a voluntary and conscient way.

The fields of the form, request the following data:

a) Name of the user;

b) Date of birth of the user;

c) Country of the user;

d) Email of the user.

The data will only be collected and stored, once the user agrees with this Privacy Statement and accepts to submit the data.


3. Declaration of Commitments

Regarding the personal data collected on this landing page, NOL Jewellers assumes with its clients and users the following commitments:

a) To process the data in a lawful and fair manner, collecting only the information necessary and relevant to the purpose for which it is intended;

b) Allow the data subject to access and change the information about him/her registered;

c) Keep the data accurate and current;

d) Guarantee free of charge the right to delete the data used when requested by the holder;

e) To have security mechanisms that prevent the consultation, modification, destruction or addition of the data by an unauthorized person to do so;

f) Not to sell user or client data to any company or personal entity.

4. Disclosure

NOL Jewellers does not disclose or sell its customer data to third parties to companies outside the group, so all information is confidential. Access to the information is restricted, being used only for communication with the customer or user and the processing of their orders. NOL Jewellers may provide the personal data to legally competent entities in cases in which they are requested or obliged by such entities, within the scope of their respective competencies.

5. Confidentiality and Security

NOL Jewellers guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its customers and that the collection and processing of data are done safely, preventing its loss or manipulation. Nevertheless, the collection of open network data involves a breach of security conditions. In case of computer attack, software attack or loss of information, NOL Jewellers cannot be held liable.


6. Consent

The use of the data provided by the customers implies that the user gives their consent to the processing of the data by NOL Jewellers, which is provided with the submission of a subscription form or the placement of an order.
The data collected by NOL Jewellers in this landing page will serve the following purposes:

a) Sending personal or mass invitations, discounts, promotions, surveys, marketing and advertising communications and product/service information;

b) Tracking of your interactions with NOL Jewellers;

c) Providing a more personalized service by defining your profile by analyzing and treating your personal or digital contacts with NOL Jewellers;

d) Carry out statistical analyzes on aggregated data which shall be kept in a secure and centralized database for as long as is necessary.

The personal data will be used directly or with the assistance of our partners acting as defined in our privacy policy. The personal data will only be accessible by our marketing team, authorized personnel on the sale points and superior managers.


7.  Access and Changes

All customers and users have the right to request access, rectification, and deletion, or exercise any rights at their disposal under the applicable Data Protection Act.

To do so, you must contact NOL Jewellers by email at or by postal mail to the head office address. The customer may also ask NOL Jewellers to stop being contacted for marketing purposes through the “unsubscribe” option present in all communications made.

For all of the above purposes, NOL Jewellers acts as the entity responsible for processing the data, in accordance with the applicable Data Protection Act.

Last Update: November 2018