Terms of Use

The current Terms of Use explain the process of requesting a product or scheduling a bespoke service on NOL Jewellers’ website. Any question regarding the Terms of Use must be sent to info@noljewellers.com  


General conditions 


The services and products that NOL Jewellers sells can only be acquired by individuals with ages equal or superior to 18. If the individual is not 18 years old, he must be accompanied by an adult or legal representative.  


When contacting, the user declares that he intends to act on goodwill, ensuring that he does not expect to get any financial benefit from the contact. If NOL Jewellers finds the contact suspicious, it has the right of denying service without further explanations.  



Information request of a product 


Currently, users can not buy a product online at NOL Jewellers’ website. Through the information request, the user can: 


  1. a) Present his intention to buy a particular product;
  2. b) Ask questions about the product and request more additional information.


It is important to notice that the information request does not grant that the product is available. The availability must be checked by a member of NOL Jewellers’ team.  


When the user submits an information request, he sends a message to NOL Jewellers’ team. In the current moment, there are not automatisms for the process and, therefore, the request will be manually analysed by a member of the team.  


The time in which the user will get an answer may vary. If you do not get a reply until 5 weekdays after your request, please send a message to info@noljewellers.com. 



Purchase of products that are not on the website 


Two collections are currently available on the website. It is possible, however, that the user finds other pieces, created by NOL Jewellers, that are not shown on the website. These pieces are original jewels, previously designed for a specific client, or part of previous collections.  


In case the user wishes to purchase a piece that is no longer on the portfolio of the website, he must get in touch with NOL Jewellers, sending a message to info@noljewellers.com.

Schedule of the bespoke process 


The bespoke process refers to a group of steps that the user will go through and that end with the creation of a bespoke jewel. This process can be started on the website, with the schedule of the first meeting with the designers, Luísa Bernardes and Nuno Pestana 


To schedule the meeting, the user must fill a form, in which he must leave the name, location, possible inspirations and a message about the kind of jewel he intends to get. An email will be sent to NOL Jewellers’ team, that will get back to him as soon as possible. The reply will have a suggestion of dates for the first meeting. 


Typically, the first meeting occurs in NOL Jewellers’ store, at António Maria Cardoso 39D, 1200-026, Lisbon. 



Price validation 


The website does not, currently, present the price of the jewels. To know the price, the user must submit an information request, leaving the information that he wishes to get the cost of the product. The information is free; that is, the user does not need to show interest in purchasing the piece for the price to be indicated. 


Payment and collection of the product on the store 


If the user wishes, he can send an email declaring that he wishes to purchase a piece, that he may collect later on NOL Jewellers’ store. For safety reasons, users are requested to present the emails when collecting the jewel. The user may choose between transferring the value of the piece or pay in the store.  


In case the user asks, he will be presented with shipping solutions. These options are, however, conditioned by distance: the product state will not be compromised. 


Purchase cancellation 


The purchase request can be cancelled up until the payment. NOL Jewellers does not accept product deliveries.