Find your size

Whether you are looking for a gift or buying for yourself, knowing a jewellery size makes the shopping experience much easier.

For choosing the perfect size, we recommend that you visit our boutique in Chiado, Lisbon, where one of our Sales Associates will walk you through this personal experience. However, if you wish to find the perfect size online, we suggest a few guidelines below:

Choosing your
ring size

  • Measure your finger preferably in the evening
  • Do not measure your finger in an extreme environment (too hot or too cold)
  • Measure your finger, using a malleable tape measure; using mm as a measuring guide (this measurement corresponds to the size of the ring).
  • Make sure the tape feels and moves comfortably along your entire finger.

Choosing your
bracelet size

  • Wrap a malleable tape measure around the wrist and measure.
  • To ensure a comfortable fit, add 1,5cm to the measurement.
    You can add or remove cm, depending on the type of fit you prefer (looser or tighter).

If you wish to start creating your bespoke jewellery or need more information, please contact