Terms of Use

The website www.noljewellers.com (hereinafter “website”) is owned by NOL Jewellers. The organization’s head office is located in Lisbon, Portugal. The current terms of use regulate the usage of the website and inform the user about subjects, such as intellectual property, data confidentiality, and liability limitations.  Any question related to the current terms of use must be sent by email to the following contact: info@noljewellers.com.

1. Legal

1.1. When accessing the website, the user agrees with the current terms of use, as well as with the privacy statement.

1.2. NOL Jewellers stresses the need to read the current terms of use before browsing through the website. If the user does not agree with any of the clauses, he must immediately abandon the website.

1.3. The website is managed in Portugal and has no access restrictions to users in any country. While browsing, the user is aware of his country’s legislation. This legislation will be applied during navigation.

1.4. The current terms of use can be updated at any moment by NOL Jewellers, without previous or further notice. Therefore, NOL Jewellers advices users to regularly visit this page, in which new updates will be posted.


2.Intellectual property

2.1. NOL Jewellers owns the intellectual property of every image, graph, text, photography or illustration (among other contents) that are used and available on the website. These contents cannot be used by third party organizations without NOL Jewellers’ express consent.

2.2. If a public or private third party organization wishes to use any of NOL Jeweller’s materials, it must previously contact NOL Jewellers using the following email info@noljewellers.com.

2.3. Any use, reproduction or alteration of images not authorized by NOL Jewellers are expressly prohibited.

2.4. The user agrees that any suggestions, drawings, concepts, photographs, testimonials or documents (hereinafter “suggestions”) that are not considered confidential information may be used by NOL Jewellers on its website and digital media.

2.5. The ownership and rights to these suggestions are automatically transferred to NOL Jewellers, who reserves the right to: a) make these suggestions confidential; b) financially compensate the author of the suggestion; and c) respond to or consider the suggestion made for business purposes.

2.6. The users responsible for the suggestion guarantee that they do not infringe the rights of third parties, nor infringe copyright, patents, property rights, among others.

2.7. The information contained on the website has the exclusive purpose of promoting information disseminate the NOL Jewellers brand and distribute information relevant to its public.

2.8. By using the website, you accept the data treatment policy in the privacy policy.


3. Cookie Policy

3.1. The website uses cookies and is activated when you access the website and are automatically installed by the services hosting the content, third-party servers, and external tools. NOL Jewellers is not responsible or liable for these platforms.

3.2. Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of information and are downloaded automatically by the computer or mobile phone when you visit a website. These files are used by NOL Jewellers to enhance the user browsing experience. These cookies also allow us to know the number of new users and users who have previously visited the website.

3.3. Cookies can remain on your computer or mobile device for different periods of time. No personal information is stored about the user.


4. Links to third-party website

4.1. The website has links to other sites, which we believe may contain useful information / tools for our visitors. Our privacy policy is not applied to third party websites, so if you visit another site from our website you should read the privacy policy of the same.

4.2. NOL Jewellers is not responsible for the privacy policy or content on those same sites.


5. Availability of products and services

5.1. Despite NOL Jewellers’ effort to ensure that the information on its website, catalogs and customer service is as accurate and accurate as possible, there is no guarantee as to what information.

5.2. While NOL Jewellers seeks to ensure the accuracy of all descriptions, photographs, and graphic representations regarding products and services, NOL Jewellers does not warrant that all materials and contents are error-free, whether these are the result of inaccuracy, omission, outdated or otherwise reason.

5.3. NOL Jewelers products comply with the rigorous quality controls required by portuguese law, in particular with regard to the Law on Portuguese Hallmarks. The pieces of precious metal are sold with the obligatory marks of INCM (Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda, Contrastaria de Lisboa). To clarify any doubt or question on this subject contact us by email info@noljewellers.com.

5.4. After booking or requesting information on the website, a member of the NOL Jewellers team will verify the existence of the item. The request for information or reservation does not guarantee that the piece is available.

5.5. NOL Jewellers undertakes to ensure that all information contained on the website is as accurate as possible. If you find any information that is inaccurate or inaccurate, you should request a correction request by sending an email to info@noljewellers.com. The request will be subject to internal review.

Last updated: September 2018